Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gold Layered ?

"Gold Layered" is a process whereby high heat and pressure are used to bond a thick layer of gold to a base metal. All our bangle bracelets are made with brass as the base metal with 18K Gold fillings.

Is Gold Layered the same as Gold Plated Jewellery?

No. Gold Plated is not as good as Gold Layered. Gold Plating involves a very thin layer of gold on top of the base metal compared to Gold Layered. As a result, gold plated jewelry has the tendency to wear off.  Gold Layer on the other hand are 15 times thick compared to Gold Plating. They are high quality, long lasting and do not tarnish or wear off with time. We carry only Gold and Silver Layered items in our store.

Why Gold Layered jewelry is so popular ?

Gold Layered jewelry is a very affordable alternative for expensive pure gold, and is widely popular for every day jewelry needs. Due to the increasing price of pure gold, more and more customers are leaning towards much cheaper gold layered fashion jewelry items. Our products are made with high quality and are available in various beautiful designs, which makes us the first choice by many customers.

What is Silver Layered jewelry ?

Silver Layered is similar to gold layered but made with silver. Silver (usually sterling silver) is bonded to the outside of a core of base metal. 

How can I take care of Gold Layered jewelry ?

Gold-layered jewelry can be wiped periodically with a soft cloth to remove any accumulation of dirt, perspiration, chlorine, etc.  If there is a build-up of dirt in hard to wipe off areas, you may clean the jewelry with a jewelry cleaner (available at Aquablue) and allow to air dry.

Are these jewelry products lead free?

Yes, all our items are completely lead free, and pose no health hazard to our customers!.

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